Armagnac Rabastas selected "Silver" at the 2020/2021 World Brand Design Society Awards.

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Armagnac Rabastas selected "Silver" at the 2020/2021 World Brand Design Society Awards.

London, January 8th, 2020 – Armagnac Rabastas won its first Silver in the 2020/2021World Brand Design Society Awards!

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A WBDS award has become a recognized affirmation of high quality and one of the most reliable and universal indications of packaging design excellence.
It is not the first time that Rabastas has been recognized across the board for its exceptional design. In 2019 has been featured at Packaging of the World.
Armagnac Rabastas is distilled and bottled in Gascony and is inspired by one of the region’s most famous legends, the musketeer d'Artagnan and fellow adventurer - Rabastas the horse.

Great enjoyed straight over ice or in cocktails, the branding shows Rabastas with d'Artagnan in his profile, symbolising the perfect mix.

The simple design sits elegantly on the uncoated textured paper which as been varnished for protection. The logo and the detailed strip at the base of the label have had a high build gloss screen applied. Charcoal black and off whites have been used for the monochrome colour palette. A tamper strip seals the bottle with the phrase ‘L’esprit mousquetaire’ ‘The musketeer spirit.‘ - A spirit of freedom and adventure.
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About Rabastas
Rabastas is a brand of Cyrano, a family-owned company creating Armagnac, a grape-based distilled spirit with roots dating from the 14th century, produced and crafted in very small quantities in Gascony, France. Land of troubadours, poets, and musketeers.

Rabastas is passionate about Armagnac and it is known for making some of the very best spirits that France can produce. Rabastas is proud to have generations of craftspeople who are carrying on their family traditions making and sharing their skills, experience, and enthusiasm with the next generation.

Rabastas defies the established idea of the category by creating a new standard of premium spirits exclusively designed for Bartenders and Sommeliers, from the liquid to the bottle to the story. For more information please visit