Gentlemen drink Whisky, Musketeers drink Armagnac

Gentlemen drink Whisky, Musketeers drink Armagnac

As consumers become more educated about their alcohol choice they lean towards higher quality drinks.  As an incredibly complex drink, with a lot of controversy surrounding its popularity, variations, and market share, armagnac is getting into the spirit of the musketeers. As summer draws closer, and as Friday evening begs us to pull on our dancing shoes, our attention turns to the 6 things you didn’t know about armagnac!

1 - There isn’t just one Armagnac…

There are many, in fact here is a break down:

White: Blanche Armagnac that is clear in colour which is very popular in cocktails

Brown: Aged Armagnac that is amber or dark brown in colour. Aged armagnac is very versatile in cocktails but traditionaly enjoyed straight, or ‘on the rocks’. Popularity for these armagnacs is on the increase, as consumers are angling toward higher quality premium drinks.

Within this category we can find blends made from different armagnacs and vintages which are produced using grapes from a single harvest. These armagnacs make excellent gifts, commemorating a birthday or anniversary.

2 - It’s flexible, and people like that…

As a beverage, armagnac can be used in many different ways, and guess what. Bartenders love this. Armagnac is an easy mixer for cocktails as it works well with other ingredients whilst still letting its flavour shine through. As a drink which is available in three different varieties (White and Brown, young and aged), there are huge possibilities at bartenders fingertips.

3 - Americans like Armagnac…

Due to Cyrano’s launch in California, US armagnac drinking is on the rise, as consumers steer towards the higher quality spirits over vodkas, tequilas, gins and rums.

4 - It’s meant to be sipped…and cocktailed!

Armagnacs are traditionally enjoyed sipped, warm, and over ice. That way, the aroma can be absorbed as you drink the spirit, creating a wonderful, full sensory experience. Brown armagnacs are also becoming popular due to the resurgence of brandy. Many bartenders are now using it for making classic cocktails like the Sidecar, Vieux Carré, Sazerac, Corpse Reviver #1, the Japanese, and the super known Mint Julep. White armagnac is becoming very popular in cocktails, such as Sours, Margaritas, Mojitos or Martinis. Yum!

5 - There is a story…

And these stories shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, they make life rather interesting.  Armagnac, has a 700 year old background coming from Gascony, France, land of swashbucklers and musketeers.

Cyrano, our hero, was a soldier and romantic poet, that used his sword and quill for conquering enemies and women.The saying“The pen is mightier than the sword” wasn’t just made up for a play, it has real roots in history…!

Cyrano has a past and a present, and in comparison to other spirits, this adds to its interest. Packaging for Cyrano emphasizes its roots through stories, rightly so, to create an experience for the consumer.  In addition, its bottle has been designed by bartenders for bartenders.  Everyone loves a great story at a bar and Cyrano gots a ton to spare !

So sit back and pop your specs on as you pick up your next bottle of Cyrano, as there is usually more to it than meets the eye…!

6 - It’s just wine…

At the end of the day, armagnac is essentially distilled good French wine.

Cyrano, born in Armagnac, France, drunk by musketeers and poets leaning over barrels as they traveled across Gascony. Now available in 750ml bottles.

This drink belongs to a different world!